Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweet Auburn - Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Inspiring Life

No matter where you are from and what your age is, it is quite impossible not to find the right thing to do when you are on a bus rental Atlanta holiday. There are an incredible number of tourist attractions and local hotspots for you to hit. It is no wonder that Atlanta has grown so tremendously over the years and have come to become an iconic tourism magnet. Some would say that the best way to get around Atlanta is on foot or via public transportation but time is wasting when you are waiting for the next public bus, train or cab to come around. So, the best way to tour Atlanta more effectively and affordably is to make use of a charter bus, shuttle coach, party bus, mini bus, or even a school bus if you are bringing school kids along with you during the trip.
It is obvious there are hot favorites amongst the tourists and one of them would be the home to former Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Sweet Auburn. The architecture and pristine history behind each building and structure simply screams out at you or embrace you. Sweet Auburn is currently managed and run by the Atlanta National Park Service. The building’s undergone minor and major changes alike, over the years, mostly to enhance to preserve the building’s core structure.
Sweet Auburn is easily located at the Howell and Irwin street intersection but if you can’t find it, get the bus rental Atlanta charter bus driver to use a GPS system. That should solve the problem. The house dates as far back as 1890 so, you will most definitely enjoy the olden and antique atmosphere. It is almost like stepping back in time.
The great thing about visiting this amazingly inspiring charter bus Atlanta tourist attraction is you are going through what was left of an amazing man who went on to do some awe-inspiring stuff during his lifetime. It is absolutely a bonus that admission is free of charge. Have a look around the many interesting exhibits to learn more about the work of supercharged man and read about how he made many possible changes during the civil rights movement.
On top of these, view the King’s Bible, his hand-written sermon and in one of the rooms, there is a small section dedicated to the works of Mahatma Ghandi too, another amazing man we sometimes wished we still have today.
At the end of this bus rental Atlanta visit, you will feel inspired to do something motivational with your life too.